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Re: Another view

Hello Phil!

23 Dec 00 18:55, you wrote to All:

 PK> It's nice that you can still do that down in New Zealand.  Land in
 PK> most metropolitan areas here in California is a bit more expensive.
 PK> That's separate from the question of whether they'll let you erect
 PK> large antennas on it even after you buy it.

Nice someone can afford real estate these dyas, even here, prices are out of
reach of many people.  Our real estate prices went silly about 5 years ago. :-(
Now, in much of Melbourne, it's $250k for a dump, and going further out only
costs me more in the long run, means having to use the car to get to work,
instead of public transport.

 >> I my way of thinking, satellites that would need the users to
 >> purchase 'special' radios, would not do very much for the popularity
 >> of the hobby. For most new hams or people interested, the start up
 >> costs could just be too great, that way.
 PK> Requiring "special radios" is "bad" while having to buy acres of land
 PK> to erect antennas is "good". Or at least the special radios don't
 PK> count as "values" to be invested in the hobby. Did I get that right?

Need birds for different purposes, IMHO.  But the thing that attracts me to
digital voice, besides the technical possibilities is that it's a new mode,
something to play with.  Some might argue "A new mode for a new mode's sake",
but aren't we supposed to be hams.... experimenters???

 PK> On what basis does Molniya win? Some might say that, no contest, LEO
 PK> wins: substantially better link budgets, lower propagation delays,
 PK> lower launch costs and more launch opportunities.

Again, it depends.  LEO certainly had the link budget advantages, but requires
somewhat more work at the systems level to get the range that a Molniya orbit
offers straight up.

While the commercials are making LEOs work, maybe us hams can make it work on a
more ad hoc basis, the linking situation would have to be a lot more flexible
for us, I imagine.

Tony, VK3JED
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