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Re: Another view

Hello Phil!

24 Dec 00 00:07, you wrote to All:

 >> You also know as well as I do that your calls reached the U.S. on
 >> landlines, not on the satellite system at all.
 PK> Of course. Is landline relay something that can't also be done with
 PK> amateur LEOs? Or is that too offensive to the purists? How about
 PK> ground stations that relay between different LEO satellites in view at
 PK> the same time?

This would make LEOs more attractive down here.  The question I'd have is who
would do the relaying waaay out in the middle of the Pacific, for VK-W paths?

It's hard enough to get Pacific islanders to come up on the simpler LEOs we
have today.

Just a thought from left field...

Now, if the satellites linked directly between each other somehow, then the
intermediate groundstation problems goes away (but you get a whole heap of
other ones, no doubt!).

Tony, VK3JED

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