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Re: Another view

Hello Cathryn!

23 Dec 00 12:26, you wrote to All:

 CM> And, I'd like to put in a pitch for the idea that ground station
 CM> antenna size is the big deal.  What I'd like to see, is a system
 CM> where I could have a little two foot dish -- maybe sitting on
 CM> something like a computerized telescope tripod.

Much the same deal for me.  This is the great hope of AO-40, the ability to run
it from a modest portable ground station.  Computer aided tracking would be
nice, but I'm sure I could manage it by hand for a high orbit bird. :)

 CM> Since as the antenna gets smaller, then the satellite
 CM> becomes something you could, maybe use while camping, or from an RV or
 CM>  boat or something.  And, maybe we could get paged, or get news
 CM> bulletins or have little round tables or or send PBBS/email messages.
 CM> I imagine something slick and seamless -- that's what's going to get
 CM> people interested, imo.  (Well, this is an ideal, but you get the
 CM> idea.)

Yes, this is a good vision to aim for.

Tony, VK3JED

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