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Re: Another view

At 12:26 2000-12-23 -0800, Cathryn Mataga wrote:
 >Jens Schmidt wrote:
 >  > I my way of thinking, satellites that would need the users to purchase
 >  > 'special' radios, would not do very much for the popularity of the
 >  > hobby. For most new hams or people interested, the start up costs
 >  > could just be too great, that way.

Well for the people that have their ham shacks on their belts, then the 
will never get on hf since that takes a "SPECIAL" radio to do that. I don't 
know of ANY hobby that doesn't have any outlay to do. No one ever said that 
Amatuer radio was cheep if you wanted to do it all.

 >And, I'd like to put in a pitch for the idea that ground station
 >antenna size is the big deal.  What I'd like to see, is a system
 >where I could have a little two foot dish -- maybe sitting on
 >something like a computerized telescope tripod.

Well it sounds like you need to do the R&D on it and put the plans out for 
all of us to look at.
Why is it that everyone wants to see "someone else "do it so I can get a 
easy ride. Amatuer radio is a service not a hobby for those that have 
forgotten. We are supposed to be working on ways to help out in time of 
emergency. If we can come up with things that make the "service" side work 
easier, then we will benefit on the hobby side.

 >Since as the antenna gets smaller, then the satellite
 >becomes something you could, maybe use while camping, or from an RV or
 >boat or something.  And, maybe we could get paged, or get news bulletins
 >or have little round tables or or send PBBS/email messages.  I
 >imagine something slick and seamless -- that's what's going to
 >get people interested, imo.  (Well, this is an ideal, but you
 >get the idea.)

We have no problem with our field day setup that we do. ANYONE with a rv 
can set up the same type of station at any time and I'm sure that some do. 
It is small and takes about a hour to set up. The antennas are only about 8 
feet long OR you can use the arrow antenna.

 >With all the ?DMA type ideas, all the smarts is on the ground,
 >anyway -- right?  So, pursuing this wouldn't affect how satellites
 >are built that much -- right?  Really, a lot of this talk is going
 >right over my head.  Is there, like, a textbook I could get or maybe a
 >reference online or something to read on this?
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73, Bill N4XEO

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