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Re: Rs 10 12 13

Hi Jennifer,

 > 	I have nova shareware not paid for yet.  One of those Sat's was in sight, 
 > and I could not copy it on a old SB-303 receiver how come?  And how can you 
 > tell when it is going to be FM versa SSB or something else?

	By your question I gather that you're a satellite novice. The 
best way for you to get up to speed in a reasonable time is to read 
a book or two on satellite operations. 
	The question and answer style format such as on amsat-bb is 
quite an inefficient way of getting the information you need -- the 
folks on the bb have some awareness of this, and, as such, may 
be not quite as forthcoming with answers as you might like. 
	Often, lists have a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions [and 
answers]) to assist newcomers and to prevent the list from getting 
overwhelmed with the same questions getting asked again and 
again over the course of time. You can find the FAQ for amsat-bb 
	For your specific question see:

	On here you'll find a variety of information on each satellite. If 
you click on RS-12, for example, you can see that it uses SSB or 
CW on its transponders. Most importantly, at the bottom of the 
page, you can see references to several books which will prove 
quite helpful in your quest for information.

	Most notably, The Radio Amateur's Satellite Handbook is a 
good general overview of sat ops. 

	Best regards - Dave KD3NC

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