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Re: Another view

At 06:41 PM 12/24/00 -0500, Bob Bruninga wrote:
>I disagree somewhat.  We can make complete UI digipeating LEO satellites
>in 4 inch cube satellites.

It's a long, long way in complexity (both system complexity and satellite 
complexity) from a bunch of UI digipeaters with no stabilization, no 
station-keeping, no cross links or separate gateway downlinks and uplinks, 
and no significant ground-based infrastructure to a system similar to 
Globalstar (which has and needs all of the above except cross-links) that 
can support seamless voice communications world-wide.

>If we put them all on 145.825 and we give them all
>the same generic digipeater call, then with about 6 of them in orbit, no
>one anywhere will be more than a few minutes away from two-way packet
>communications... at any time, to anywhere on the planet.

If they spread out nicely. They won't stay that way, without propulsion.

I won't argue here about whether the UI-merged-by-internet system design is 
a good one or not. I do think it would be cool, and I'd like to see it 
happen. But it shouldn't be confused with a satellite communications 
capability that BY ITSELF provides long-duration, multi-user, real-time, 
voice communications.

73  -Paul

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