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   I think Jennifer came close to hitting the mark.  Having been around 
Amateur Radio a little longer than Jennifer(43 Years), I am also disturbed 
by the ongoing bickering that I see on this forum.  I became a Ham when we 
had to build a lot of our own equipment, Go sit before the Commission to 
get a license, and be technically competent.  All aspects of Amateur Radio 
are not for, nor available to everyone.  It isn't possible for this hobby 
to be everything to everyone.  By default it becomes necessary for some of 
us to accept these limitations and deal with them on an individual basis.

   I came here seeking general information about satellites, and satellite 
operating techniques, not to read ongoing debates with questions and 
answers repeated time after time on the same subject.  Perhaps we would be 
better served if those wishing to debate the merits of his or her own 
technical competence would take their discussions to private e-mail.

73 de Mike, W5UC

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