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AO-40 and the Season

Ladies and Gentlemen:

I've been monitoring all the speculation, brainstorming, and occasional
criticism of the AO-40 Command Team in our current apprehensive

These folks are sweating bullets over losing 10 years of their LIVES and
more than a few dollars of world wide investment and trust if things
aren't recovered.  I'm sure they're not sleeping well, if at all.  I,
too, would like to know more about what's going on, but recognize that
they have their hands full.

Tomorrow, while we open presents, enjoy way too much food, and a bit of
football, these guys are going to be trying to do the same for the sake
of their families, but all the while with apprehension in the back of
their minds.  HOPING that the bird will recover itself so they can
recover data they'll spend weeks analyzing.  HOPING that it's not all
for naught, but unable to do much to influence events.  Ham radio is a
hobby, but these gents, AND THEIR FAMILIES, are making a tremendous
COMMITTMENT, which we should acknowledge, respect, and be grateful for
in this season of celebration and joy.  Think of the stress they're
under in your prayers and thoughts, and amid all the celebration
tomorrow, take just a few seconds to be grateful for Karl, Peter,
Stacey, and others I can't even name but know are there.

To the command team:  I admire, respect, and THANK you for what you're
doing.  Stay with it, but take some time tomorrow to enjoy your family.
Please pass along my thanks to them for their sacrifice in allowing you
few folks to do so much for so many of us.  Good luck with the bird, but
enjoy the day.

73 and Very Respectfully,

Jim Sanford

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