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Re: why is this mail not being receive

Hi Jennifer!

Welcome back to ham radio...even if it's in a limited way....

I've found the various ham radio mailing lists like this one amazingly
helpful in solving some very thorny technical problems with ham radio
software, and in learning about satellites.  You may be getting an atypical
view of this mailing list because of the AO-40 situation.

One of the reasons I got on the LEO satellites is because I, too, cannot put
up antennas at my current location.  The "bent pipe" FM repeater satellites
have let me do something like "real" ham radio with my dual band HT and a 19
in. flexible whip.  It takes some patience and experience to make contacts
that way, but it is doable.

As for "mail not being received," I've goofed from time-to-time and
forgotten to tell my software to send the messages as "plain text."  That's
the only thing the -BB, and many other mailing lists I think, can deal with
for a variety of reasons.  Another potential problem could be that you're
inadvertently addressing messages only to an individual participant, and not
to everyone.  I also read messages suggesting that the -BB has become
overloaded due to AO-40 traffic, but I don't know if that's true--Paul would
have to address that one.

You also commented somewhere that you can't hear anything on your old
Heathkit radio.  If you're listening on 10 meters, (I think you're referring
to an H.F. set.) the problem could be that the RS satellite's 10 Mtr
transponder is off.  I think I've read that this satellite is now
downlinking on 2 Mtrs only.  If so, I hope the 15 Mtr up/10 down
configuration comes back soon because it's fun, and you can hear it n almost
any antenna.  (I have H.F. with limited antennas at another location.)

Hope this helps!


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> Being off the air for 20 some years, I wonder why there are problems in
> Radio. When I first become one, you could expect help to get on the air,
> someone would help you put a Antenna up, even help you get a rig. Being
> that I can only read the mail, some of the questions are being repeated
> over and over again. But it is there right. Being that I don't have a rig,
> and don't know anything about Sat's in space, maybe some of it will sink
> in. The four letters words are another thing, altogether. When I first got
> on the air, it was on a 23 channal CB rig, and a ham help me get my
> I remember getting on the air with 75 watts and being so neverest about
> By the way my handle was Apollo, in regards to the Apollo Space program.
> All I can do is read the mail, and this infighting is just to much, for my
> increaseing jaded ears. No wonder people some time compair hams to
> CBer's!!!!!! Sometime I think these hams have it to easey, by pushing a
> tune button, in my day, you had to tune, and load the rig. it was not easy
> at first, but you learn. and that is what some of you have forgotton. 73's
> WA4CVV  Jennifer  St. Petersburg, FL
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