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Re: AO-40: Bogus Signal

This is the time to pray that our satellite will come back to us!

I've been listening on 2m & 70cm so intently that sometimes I think I hear 
a faint carrier in the receiver noise and get I get excited, but on turning 
the vfo knob I find there's nothing there. It was only in my mind. Strange 
how that happens sometimes. LOS in 1.5 hours ~ 1:49 utc
Merry Christmas to all, 73 de KB7ADL

At 11:31 PM 12/24/00 +0100, Peter Guelzow <Peter.Guelzow@arcormail.de> wrote:
>Dear All,
>Command stations have already started sending RESET commands to
>the spacecraft and to upload a small program to re-configure
>the TX and MATRIX for Middle Beacon on 2m.

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