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Re: Another view

On Sat, 23 Dec 2000, Paul Williamson wrote about Phil's comment:

> >When my wife and I were in Greece a few months ago, we made several
> >phone calls through my Globalstar phone. Access time wasn't limited at
> >all, and our calls reached all the way to the US. Globalstar certainly
> Come on, Phil, you can't be serious in comparing the Globalstar system
> to anything that's remotely within the capabilities of the amateur radio
> satellite community.

I disagree somewhat.  We can make complete UI digipeating LEO satellites
in 4 inch cube satellites.  We have two (SUNSAT and OPAL) on orbit now, we
have two more scheduled for launch in AUgust 2001, and with Stanford's
CUBESAT program, several universitites might take an interest in putting
up a UI digipeater.  If we put them all on 145.825 and we give them all
the same generic digipeater call, then with about 6 of them in orbit, no
one anywhere will be more than a few minutes away from two-way packet
communications... at any time, to anywhere on the planet.

SInce the downlinked packets are then captured everywhere and fed
everywhere on the planet via the Internet using nothing but HT's and
omni-whip antennas, we will have a very powerful worldwide amateur
satellite comunications system...

> > You also know as well as I do that your calls reached the U.S. on
> landlines, not on the satellite system at all. Your arguments are much
> more convincing when you stay on point and technical.

Humm...  I think it is time to think outside of the box a little bit.
We are now starting to see the Manufacturers produce handheld digital
amatuer HT's that can communicate easily with LEO's.  We also have some of
these birds on orbit.  ALl we need is to start thinking in terms of a
"system" and one-at-a-time we can add to this constellation...

de WB4APR@amsat.org, Bob

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