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Re: Rocket Ride

I think this is a bad assumption.  ESA has been a good friend of the amateur
community for a long time.  I hope that relationship will remain.  I don't
know of any satelllite that we have "launched" from the shuttle.  The USA
based launches almost all come from the Air Force (as far as I know).  The
Russians and Japanese have ben good friends as well (I'm not saying NASA is
not a friend).  I sure wouldn't rule out anyone.

Our odds of securing a launch are much higher with government based systems.
They seem to have more latitude in approving bargin basement secondary
payloads.  The comercial vendors generally require full payment.  I am
unaware of any launch we have made at full price!

My Opinion Alone,

P.S. Most (if not all) of us who worked AO-13 on regular basis know that
once AO-40 is fully operational (I still have faith) the clamour will shift
from let's have an 'easy' sat to let's build another one of these!

<< Some Stuff Snipped >>
> I think everyone agrees that we will not be able to get or afford another
> ride on a A5 launcher in the future. I think we got the ride for AO-40
> because of the bad press they were getting about their desire to cancell
> our contract.
> So as I understand it now the cheap rides are on Russian rockets, Pegasus
> or on the Shuttles.
> What can we design to weigh no more than 150kg that would fit on a

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