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AO-40: Bogus Signal

Dear All,

Command stations have already started sending RESET commands to 
the spacecraft and to upload a small program to re-configure 
the TX and MATRIX for Middle Beacon on 2m.

So far, no success. Command stations will continue to reset&upload using
different command receivers. Even if we do not have immediate success,
there are still a couple of possibilities to try.

AO-10 is at close to the same spot in the sky at the moment as AO-40.  
Unfortunately some moron has figured out how to send 400 bps PSK with 
the proper downlink sync vector and is blasting away through AO-10 
at the approximate AO-40 downlink frequency.  He's transmitting AO-40 
decoded telemetry frames from another program.  Fortunately, this idiot 
is too stupid to put the telemetry blocks in the proper format and 
what appears is ASCII text in a decoded format, rather than true AO-40 
telemetry blocks......

So, be warned if you see something which sounds like AO-40 on 2m, it 
may not be AO-40 ;(

This all isn't funny, but let's think positive..

73s Peter

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