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Re: Phase 4 satellite(s)?

> I look at the hamsats as an HF band so "being there all the time" (not
> words but a conditions) doesnt strike me as all that important.  20 isnt
> open all the time.  I dont even think that world wide com is important at
> least as a constant thing nor am I looking for "telephone" (again not your
> words) quality.
It sound like this system would do what you want. Intracontinental
communication via one satellite and intercontinental communication would be
there via intersatellite links when needed.
> At the end I guess all I want is the ability to "get across the horizon"
> VHF/UHF/microwave without a moonbounce class station.  I dont care if we
> have to track (I enjoy that aspect of the hobby)...I just want the ability
> to get across the horizon and have some fun..
Digital user links to the satellite would ultimately add to the fun by
better supporting the exchange of images and other information in additon to
> If we have to develop some new type of emmission and build a satellite to
> that we are in trouble because I doubt that any of the manufactors will
> commit to building the radios until the bird is in orbit.
This is why I suggested putting in FM capability for the end users. Digital
intersatellite links are the cheapest way to provide interconnection for the
constellation but we need FM to support existing radios. The ground stations
for the intersatellite digital links could be built by AMSAT as the hardware
on the satellite and the hardware on the ground isn't that different. This
could pave the way for end user digital equipment. I guess the big question
would be how many analog channels to put on each satellite for today's FM
radios and how many for tomorrow's digital radios.



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