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Re: another phase-3d wht not

Greg Wycoff wrote:
> been reading some of the mail over what design should our next satellite be.
> personal thought only, but why not another phase-3d AO-40 they have the blue
> prints and the plans for it already in place, that in it self could knock
> years off the time frame it would take for another chance to get one up and
> cut the cost. and if you have never had the chance to work AO-13 or AO-10
> trust me it is a great deal better to work than a leo although we have some
> great leo's to work.
> although I still have my money on our command teams to get back AO-40, and
> if that should not happen well I will still be a proud AMSAT member. just
> knock the dust off your pants and move on.
> best of luck to the command teams and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Finally someone who thinks like me ;^)

This is the very same thought that I had , but figured it would get shot down ,
whats to say that we couldn't get another ride on an Ariane rocket ? , we could
make a few small changes in some of the modules (add some bent pipe modules
capable of passing complex digital stuff) and a better valve for the motor and
'et voila , we could have another sat up in a different orbit in a hopefully
shorter time , so tell me folks ( and I know you will ) what really is wrong
with another Phase3d up there ?

Sounds to me like a more practical idea .....

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