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Re: As long as we're talking about software failures and spacecraft...

>OK, on an experimental flight - yes.  But what about a "normal" flight on a
>proven vehicle?
>Jon Ogden
>NA9D (ex: KE9NA)

The way things have evolved is that  most of the time the only recourse is 
launch insurance.  Now there are deals (non government) where the rocket 
went boom and one condition of the luanch was that the rocket maker covered 
teh reflight (but not the rebuilding of the sat).  I dont know (doesnt mean 
that they dont exist) that there has been a deal where the reflight and the 
rebuild are covered but they would likely be rare.

Launch insurance is usually what covers the rebuild of the sat and I think 
that is (if memory serves) the deal that Oscar P-A got when it, and firefly 
and a few others went into the briny.  I think that was the cash that build 

I dont know what Launch insurance cost on an A-V but my guess is that it 
would be steep.   There are other types of insurance.  Some are vehicle 
related...ie the vehicle has to deliver the payload into such and such orbit 
and there is a milage "window" (to simplify this) that qualifies this AND 
then there is "bird" insurance...ie the folks who build it guarantee that it 
will work to X spec for X long.

I dont mean this as a criticism I mean this as something I DONT KNOW but I 
am curious.  The load bearing structure the AO-40 was launched under and I 
think was supplied by AMSAT would be a pretty neat thing for ARianeSpace to 
offer to other payloads.  I am curious if there is an Ariane substitute of 
if this is something that could be a source of income if it were "sold" 

Robert Oler WB5MZO
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