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why is this mail not being receive

Being off the air for 20 some years, I wonder why there are problems in Ham 
Radio. When I first become one, you could expect help to get on the air, 
someone would help you put a Antenna up, even help you get a rig. Being 
that I can only read the mail, some of the questions are being repeated 
over and over again. But it is there right. Being that I don't have a rig, 
and don't know anything about Sat's in space, maybe some of it will sink 
in. The four letters words are another thing, altogether. When I first got 
on the air, it was on a 23 channal CB rig, and a ham help me get my ticket, 
I remember getting on the air with 75 watts and being so neverest about it. 
By the way my handle was Apollo, in regards to the Apollo Space program. 
All I can do is read the mail, and this infighting is just to much, for my 
increaseing jaded ears. No wonder people some time compair hams to 
CBer's!!!!!! Sometime I think these hams have it to easey, by pushing a 
tune button, in my day, you had to tune, and load the rig. it was not easy 
at first, but you learn. and that is what some of you have forgotton. 73's 
WA4CVV  Jennifer  St. Petersburg, FL

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