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Re: New AO-27?


I expect that some years ago ...

Someone asked, "How feasible would it be to build a satellite for Amateur 
Radio?" and somebody replied, "I really can't imagine ANYTHING more 

And when they asked again, "How feasible would it be to build a satellite 
for Amateur Radio?" somebody probably called them "butt-heads" because they 
asked the question more than once.

Maybe it was because the question was not really adequately answered.

I submit that there are no "ridiculous" ideas - especially when we're 
talking about space and satellites and technology.

It is the prime rule brainstorming and I further submit that the satellite 
community has some serious brainstorming to do at this point.

And as technology advances, ideas that may seem ridiculous today may be 
feasible tomorrow.

Or maybe inside a seemingly "ridiculous" idea there's a good idea 
struggling to get out.

If we close our minds to ideas we will surely go the way of the dinosaurs.

Now, how about we pick a time and everybody all at once think REAL HARD:


73 and Happy Holidays
Rip K3XO

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