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Re: Rocket Ride

Hold on SCO, not *everyone* agrees that we will not get another ride on an
Ariane 5.

First of all, I don't agree with any of your assumptions about "bad press",
etc. Launching is a business and Arianespace continues to be the world
leader in launches to GTO. There are so many launches to GTO, in fact, that
the AeroAstro company has been developing techniques for taking a sat from
GTO down to LEO because it is so much easier to get a ride to GTO even if
you'd prefer a ride to LEO!

Since the converted Russian missles and the shuttle only ride to LEO, I
think you can rule those out for a transfer to GTO. Not only would you have
to raise the orbit substantially (to get from LEO to GTO) but you would have
to change the inclination by an enormous amount (a real fuel burner) to get
an orbit that we would want (Russian launches occur WAY up north while
Kourou sits on the equator).

I don't mean to badger your ideas--we should continually ask "why can't
we....." but you keep trying to come up with a very simple solution to a
very complex problem. This really is rocket science believe it or not. :-)

First off, let's do everything we can to recover AO-40. It's ain't over til
its over. If and when AO-40 is declared 'dead', or even if it comes roaring
back to life, THEN we will build another satellite, because that is what we
do. As silly and as frustrating as it may seem to more *normal* people, this
is our hobby and this is what we like to do for fun!

The next satellite will no doubt be less complicated, smaller, lighter, less
expensive (than P3D) and be completed in less than 5 years. It will have
multiple transponders and fly to a highly elliptical (Molniya) orbit. It
will be launched by an Ariane rocket because (and you need to write this
down and take it to the bank) if amateur satellite builders are going to GTO
then Kourou is the *only* door.

Arianespace is pioneering their ASAP5 adapter to take multiple small
satellites to GTO. They wouldn't do that unless there was a ready market
(there is) and paying customers (there is). That means a shared ride and
when the launch ring is *almost* full they would be very likely to contact
AMSAT and say, "there is a spot left on the adapter that we could make you a
great deal on if you are interested"... that is, they might very well say
that if a few people on this list would quit publicly insulting them ....
which is the *primary* reason the AMSAT technical community is so reluctant
to issue any more information in this forum than they already do.

I'd suggest that you read my paper in the 2000 AMSAT Proceedings (What's
Next) and then read Dick Jansson's (So You Want to Build a Satellite!) paper
in the same publication.

The future is bright no matter what the nattering nabobs of negativity say
about it! :-)

73 de Jeff, N9AVG
AMSAT #28350

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> I think everyone agrees that we will not be able to get or afford another
> ride on a A5 launcher in the future. I think we got the ride for AO-40
> because of the bad press they were getting about their desire to cancell
> our contract.
> So as I understand it now the cheap rides are on Russian rockets, Pegasus
> or on the Shuttles.
> What can we design to weigh no more than 150kg that would fit on a
> On the Shuttle we can not ship a bird that has explosive fuels ... right?
> Then how about a two part sat ...kind of like the moon landers. They
> in one piece but then the smaller part launched from the moon's surface to
> come back to earth. How about building a motor half that could ride on the
> shuttle and still give us the power we need to reach our GTO and finally
> our "easysat" altitude? Once we are on our way [from the shuttle] we could
> jetison the motor [and fuel ... batteries for an electric motor?] section.
> I bet the shuttles always have some empty space available. And they go up
> almost once a month too [more opportunities for a ride].
> How about a sat with 1.2g up with a 2.4g downlink? The Ft-736R and the new
> TS-2000 radios both have 1.2g tx capabilities. Add a converter for 2.4g
> you are ready to go. Antenna size would also be easier for most hams to
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