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another phase-3d wht not

been reading some of the mail over what design should our next satellite be.
personal thought only, but why not another phase-3d AO-40 they have the blue
prints and the plans for it already in place, that in it self could knock
years off the time frame it would take for another chance to get one up and
cut the cost. and if you have never had the chance to work AO-13 or AO-10
trust me it is a great deal better to work than a leo although we have some
great leo's to work.

although I still have my money on our command teams to get back AO-40, and
if that should not happen well I will still be a proud AMSAT member. just
knock the dust off your pants and move on.
best of luck to the command teams and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

ps. command teams take some time off and spend some time with your family
and friends.

Greg Wycoff
NØZHE EM17ej Ks.

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