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Re: Another view

At 05:06 AM 12/24/2000 , you wrote:
>Hi Phil,
>I didn't realize that you were thinking of a constellation of LEOs. I agree
>and this is very feasible with interconnected ground stations for relaying.
>The Internet provides a low cost way to do this in the most heavily
>populated parts of the world. The launch costs are also spread out so that
>they are more easily affordable by AMSAT. In addition, it doesn't
>shortchange the Australians.

if we link the sats via the internet what difference would there be if we 
just picked up the phone and called a ham in a rare location and asked for 
his QSL card?  Is that really ham radio?  It certainly is not a direct 
contact over the air.  I doubt it would be a legal QSO for awards.


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