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1.2g - 70cm Satellite?

At 04:09 PM 12/23/2000 , you wrote:
	My orig post reply was on the asumption that cost was the major
factor in the AO-10 type system.. not residential restrictions per se.
in this instance no I couldn't help you.. Sorry..
	Too bad a neat local hill or building wasn't available, setup
everything there and use a 10ghz link to operate it !! wishful thinking.
jim kd4hur

I think that the weight and size of our sat is one of the limits to our 
greatest expense.

What about a sat with 1.2g up and 2.4g down?

OR how about a 1.2g uplink with a 70cm downlink?????
The Ft-736 and the new TS-2000 could both handle that.


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