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Re: Further analysis of the last telemetry from AO-40

At 10:58 PM 12/23/2000 , you wrote:
>This is a good thread.
>I'm speaking of as a newbie here because I've haven't looked at the IPS 
>manual. If IHU-1 crashed it could have been cause by a sensor somewhere in 
>the propulsion system returning a voltage out of range of what was 
>expected. The software didn't know how to deal with it, which resulted in 
>a system crash. It's also possible the IHU didn't know how to deal with 
>unexpected information it was getting from the pressure sensors. Just a 

if the hard reset works we need to try to be sure that the computer does 
not crash the same way the next time that happens. Is it possible to change 
the software to tell the cpu to just report those out of range readings to 
ground control on the next pass and to stay online? ... unless it is 
something that will destroy the satellite unless it is shut down immediately.


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