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Re: New AO-27?

>You can't have an AO-27-like satellite in geostationary orbit -- as soon
>as you put it that high up, it's no longer like AO-27. You wouldn't be
>working it with your handheld, nor (I guess) your Arrow handheld beam.

perhaps geo-stationary is not what I really want. But could the orbit be a 
"little" higher so the usable time was upped to say 30 minutes or 45 
minutes at a time instead of the very short passes now on AO-27? Could a HT 
[5 watts] still do the job?

>Then you have to find bandwidth for it (2m downlink is already congested,
>as we're seeing with the clash of AO-40 2m beacon, AO-10 downlink
>and RS-12/13 downlink). Especially a few channels of FM, which will
>use a lot of bandwidth.
why not use a 2m uplink and 70cm downlink?

Could the new FT-817 work on SSB like present HTs work on AO-27?

>And don't expect any non-US stations to be interested, or to
>contribute any money. You wouldn't be advancing the art much
>with this project. FM is just a poor idea for satellites.
if the concept worked why not build more than one?  One over Europe and one 
over NA...

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