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Re: Further analysis of the last telemetry from AO-40

Hi Richard,

The code did what it was supposed to do, which was cycling the
He highpressure valve as part of the work on the propulsion system.
After the first burn it was noted that a valve on the the high pressure 
side did not fully opened, thus it took a long time until the fuel 
tanks reached normal operating pressure and once the motor started, 
the pressure was going dropping again. 

The error message you have seen simply means, that the definition
for "MANY_ARMS" was already loaded into the computer. This is
like trying to compile a program with two subroutines with the
same name.. Thus IPS aborted this upload and complained, nothing
happens.  The command station probably sent this block twice,
but this is no harm.. 
The blocks you saw were special telemetry when the program was
executed.. not a crash..

Glad to see that more people now trying to understand how
IPS works..   :)

I'm started working on a more detailed report, but handling all
the eMail traffic isn't easy too.. and indeed I still hope that
this report might get obsolete in the next 1-2 days..

73s Peter

"Richard D. Burgan" wrote:
> Hi all,
> I was fortunate enough to get a copy of the IPS programming
> manual.  With the aid of the manual I went back over the last
> few minutes of AO-40 telemetry.  (The interpretation here is
> very limited since I don't have access to the source code for
> AO-40.  Nor am I any more than a novice with the IPS
> language.)  Here is what I found:
> All of this occurred Wed, Dec 13, 2000
> 11:16:51 UTC I received a telemetry 0 block containing
>     MANY_ARMS is an IPS program (subroutine) that cycles power
> for something.  UNZUL. NAME ! is an IPS error message meaning
> 11:17:18 UTC an A block of standard telemetry.
> 11:17:32 UTC an A block of standard telemetry
> 11:21:03 UTC a 0 block containing PP2 <DE><A2>p     ...  this
> repeats many times.
> 11:21:15 UTC same as above
> 11:21:28 UTC same as above
> 11:21:40 UTC same as above
> 11:21:53 UTC same as above
> 11:22:06 UTC same as above
> 11:22:18 UTC same as above
> 11:22:31 UTC same as above   Note: this is the last block of
> data from the satellite (that I received)
> The numbers in < > brackets above are HEX numbers.  I have not
> included all the contents of the telemetry blocks for
> brevity.  You can get them from the AMSAT archives if you are
> interested.
> Did some bad code get uploaded?  As a programmer I have to
> admit that I have seen some of my programs do similar things
> when I goofed.  Especially on the old 8 bit machines with
> primitive operating systems, I've seen the console start
> scrolling more than once.  If that's what happened to AO-40
> then I have great hope that a RESET will do the trick.
> Good luck command team!  Thanks for all your hard work!
> 73's de Rich Burgan, WC8J
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