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Re: Another view

Jens Schmidt wrote:
 > I my way of thinking, satellites that would need the users to purchase
 > 'special' radios, would not do very much for the popularity of the
 > hobby. For most new hams or people interested, the start up costs
 > could just be too great, that way.

And, I'd like to put in a pitch for the idea that ground station
antenna size is the big deal.  What I'd like to see, is a system 
where I could have a little two foot dish -- maybe sitting on 
something like a computerized telescope tripod.
Since as the antenna gets smaller, then the satellite 
becomes something you could, maybe use while camping, or from an RV or 
boat or something.  And, maybe we could get paged, or get news bulletins
or have little round tables or or send PBBS/email messages.  I 
imagine something slick and seamless -- that's what's going to 
get people interested, imo.  (Well, this is an ideal, but you
get the idea.)

With all the ?DMA type ideas, all the smarts is on the ground,
anyway -- right?  So, pursuing this wouldn't affect how satellites
are built that much -- right?  Really, a lot of this talk is going
right over my head.  Is there, like, a textbook I could get or maybe a 
reference online or something to read on this?

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