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Re: New AO-27?

Hello everyone. Please excuse my english.

 > A AO-27 over the US?  IMagine one repeater for the entire US that one single
 > person could/would use/monopolize at a time.  Now allivaite that problem by
 > only the additional channels that you add to the system.
 > There could be more to the answer like one might look at the UHF-follow ons
 > to see how such a system might operate but then again the person might not
 > know what the UHF follow ons are.

Well, HF bands are very narrow and have a lot of people :-)

But the answer is easier: There can't be a geostationary satellite over US
because geostationary satellites MUST be over the equator (the imaginary line
that separates both hemispheres).

Well, that's my contribution. Bye!

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