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Re: Further analysis of the last telemetry from AO-40

{edited for brevity}
>From: "Richard D. Burgan" <wc8j@raex.com>
>Did some bad code get uploaded?  As a programmer I have to
>admit that I have seen some of my programs do similar things
>when I goofed.  Especially on the old 8 bit machines with
>primitive operating systems, I've seen the console start
>scrolling more than once.  If that's what happened to AO-40
>then I have great hope that a RESET will do the trick.

I hate to agree, but my first thought when news of the telemetry shutdown
were confirmed and that commands were in progress to troubleshoot
propulsion.  I even voiced my fear back then that it may have been a bad
command.  If so, the bird is recoverable, most likely.

BTW rumors of the bird's "explosion" were heard on local repeaters up here
today.  I got on and set the record straight.
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