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Re: AO-10 / PSK31^2

Hi Guys & Guyess',
                  I'm not sure I understand much of the theoretical
stuff that's being bandied about on the subject of Doppler and PSK on
I guess it all means that if the bird is commin at yer, ya tune a bit 
higher, an if it's goin t'other way, ya tune a bit lower.
Or is it the other way round?

Anyway, so far, I've had a couple of PSK31 QSOs with Peter VE7AHX and a
part QSO with Egon VE6EGN on about 145.850MHz downlink frequency. The
reason for the part QSO with Egon was that we're both using less than
optimum gear for the job, but we're having fun.

I'll try HELLthingy tomorrow 24/12/00, around 21:00 UTC and see what
happens. On the offchance that someone else wants to use 145.850 for
PSK, I'll try about 10k/c up. OK?

Have a Merry Christmas and all that jazz, de ZL2VAL..


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