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Re: question for the experts

"Ed Mitchell, KF7VY" wrote:
> Interesting theory that perhaps a solar or geomagnetic disturbance could be
> involved in AO40 problems beginning Dec 13. To learn how such disturbances
> can cause problems with spacecraft, read this fascinating paper at:
> http://www.sel.noaa.gov/info/Satellites.html
> Solar particle and electron flux data for Dec 13, measured by the GOES10
> satellite is shown here:
> http://www.sel.noaa.gov/getftp.cgi?get=lists/particle/20001213_G10part_5m.tx
> t
> Graphic formats:
> http://www.sel.noaa.gov/getftp.cgi?get=plots/electron/20001213_electron.gif
> http://www.sel.noaa.gov/getftp.cgi?get=plots/goeshp/20001213_goeshp.gif
> http://www.sel.noaa.gov/getftp.cgi?get=plots/proton/20001213_proton.gif
> Solar particle and electron flux data for Dec 13, measured by the GOES8
> satellite is shown here:
> http://www.sel.noaa.gov/getftp.cgi?get=lists/particle/20001213_G8part_5m.txt
> I have no special expertise in interpreting these data sets; however, no
> particularly large measurements seem to stand out.
> A solar and geophysical summary report, for Dec 13 is shown here:
> http://www.sel.noaa.gov/getftp.cgi?get=forecasts/SGAS/1213SGAS.txt
> The K-index was 1 or 2 throughout the day. Interesting quote: "The
> greater-than-2 MeV electron flux at geosynchronous orbit was elevated at
> moderate levels (above 1000 pfu) during local daytime hours."
> Main index page for Satellite operators: http://www.sel.noaa.gov/SatOps/

Thanks Ed , hadn't been to this site before , will have to read up on it , the
site I am thinking of was something to do with SOHO or something like that and
actually I should have been a bit clearer on when the CME happened , it was
actually a number of days -before- the AO-40 outage .

My concern was for what we call in my line of work a "pregnant junction" ,
basically a semiconductor device that was handled incorrectly and had static
discharged through it causing a weakening of junctions , which would result in a
premature failure of said junction ( "you zapped it today but it died a week
later , why didn't you wear your wrist strap?").....

Again I am in no way speculating about ao-40 , it just happened to be
coincidence that there was a CME about a week before it's silence that got me
thinking about such things :^)

Anyway thanks for the links , I have a lot of reading to do :^)


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