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Re: Further analysis of the last telemetry from AO-40

You're echoing a lot of my own guesswork (for me it doesn't rise to the level of
"analysis") :-) ...

"Richard D. Burgan" wrote:

> I was fortunate enough to get a copy of the IPS programming manual.

Not exactly a big secret of course; a summary of IPS is downloadable from the
G3RUH website and more detail is in douments that can be bought from the various

> MANY_ARMS is an IPS program (subroutine) that cycles power
> for something....

I suppose I could speculate that it ARMS something...a valve in the 400N motor
MANY times? Like trying to "work it in" until it moves smoothly. 

     0 EPOS #200 LuERZ  0 480 
       PN31F $EBU I + 6 >>> 
     0 BLOX 1 - 
     PWR-OFF ;

 Clearly it moves memory around too--when we see an operator like:

 >>>	Field transport
	<source-addr> <dest-addr> <n> >>>
	empty.  Copies n bytes from source-addr to dest-addr.
	1<= n <= 256.  Lowest address is copied first.

 ...you do have to start getting nervous about storage overlays.

 Looks like it was called:  

   1 VAR ¡  MANY_ARMS  

and then we see

    UNZUL. NAME !                                                  
PP2Þ¢p                          PP2Þ¢p                         
PP2Þ¢p                          PP2Þ¢p                         
PP2Þ¢p                          PP2Þ¢p                         

 The same 32 bytes over and over...Until it clobbers the IPS interpreter
registers, perhaps?

Well...it's sort of fun to see how much you can get by delving though the
available evidence. And if something like this *did* happen, it's relatvely good
news because a hard reset should clear it up. The new upload that moves
telemetery to the 2m TX quickly is a *very* good idea in my view, and well worth
the time it will take to code and test.

I'm sure Peter will fill us in when he can on the details of what actually
happened. In the meantime it's: "Col. Mustard...in the Parlor...with the lead
pipe..." :-)

  73 de Maggie

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