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Re: question for the experts

Interesting theory that perhaps a solar or geomagnetic disturbance could be
involved in AO40 problems beginning Dec 13. To learn how such disturbances
can cause problems with spacecraft, read this fascinating paper at:

Solar particle and electron flux data for Dec 13, measured by the GOES10
satellite is shown here:
Graphic formats:

Solar particle and electron flux data for Dec 13, measured by the GOES8
satellite is shown here:

I have no special expertise in interpreting these data sets; however, no
particularly large measurements seem to stand out.

A solar and geophysical summary report, for Dec 13 is shown here:
The K-index was 1 or 2 throughout the day. Interesting quote: "The
greater-than-2 MeV electron flux at geosynchronous orbit was elevated at
moderate levels (above 1000 pfu) during local daytime hours."

Main index page for Satellite operators: http://www.sel.noaa.gov/SatOps/

Ed Mitchell, KF7VY

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> I guess I will break my silence on this and ask a question that has been
> me and hopefully those that are more knowledgeable will be able to answer
for me
> .
> As I seem to recall in my surfing ( does anyone do that anymore ) around
on the
> web that I came up with some info about a rather large CME event ( coronal
> ejection ) that ended up coming right at good 'ole planet earth , this one
> seemed to be one that caught the eye of a lot of scientists , or at least
> made the rounds on the web , as I found a website , which I have since
lost ,
> that had full length .mpeg movies in the different spectral ranges of the
> event , quite the display and I was able to download the 32meg file
(thanks to
> whoever invented DSL) for later playback .....
> Now this CME if I recall happened before AO-40 went silent , so my very
> brain started doing what it likes to do , it thought about it over and
> again and hoped that this big CME wouldn't raise hail and terror with our
> 'sat ......
> My real question is this , as we have been talking about 'rad hardened
chips and
> the like , how do satellites of any kind handle things like these CME
events ? ,
> it would seem to me that these things could be of a much greater danger to
> satellite than even leonids type damage ?  Is this something that has been
> known but tolerable risk with satellites and could this possibly cause a
> corruption of data on any satellite ?
> Ok , now really I am not speculating as to what caused AO-40 to be in the
> it is in , but dangit , I had the desire to ask this on the very day that
> went silent , and felt real creepy to even try once I found that it did go
> silent , so here I am hoping that I won't get nuked for asking , I am
> curious as to what if any effects these CME's have on things up there :^}
> They seem like such serious things , yet not much in the alarmist media is
> of them ....
> tia
> Ok , I go now and run and hide ;^}
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