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Re: New AO-27?

the code you are reference on the ground for repeaters is called a pl tone. 
unfortunately, pl tones are limited and they must be the same for all users. 
once you figured out the pl tone, then you are in. 

if you are talking about having a proprietary coding system, then that is 
against the fcc rules. they do not allow any encryption that makes your 
transmission secret.

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> This is one of the few decent answers received so far. Thank you.
> If there is a problem with a few hams taking over the bird why not make it a
> closed/managed system? We can now use codes to allow access to ground based
> repeaters, why not do the same with a bird in space?  Give each member of
> Amsat-NA a unique access code which opens the squelch on the sat's receiver. If
> no code or a black listed code [ground control denies access to any ham who
> abuses the system] is heard the bird does not respond.
> There are now many club owned repeaters on the ground. They are legal. Does
> access to a sat have to be "open" to all comers?  I do not know the legal answer
> to this. Or could it be open only to club members who paid for its building and
> launch?
> >one of the things that has really surprised me about this board is the 
> >lack of civility toward people who simply ask a question that they dont 
> >know the answer to.  I know the answer to it, so I didnt ask the question but
> >its clear the guy who asked it didnt and not a soul gave him a decent answer...
> >
> >How hard would that have been?
> >
> >Let me try.
> >
> >A AO-27 over the US?  IMagine one repeater for the entire US that one 
> >single person could/would use/monopolize at a time.  Now allivaite that 
> >problem by only the additional channels that you add to the system.
> >
> >See now that wasnt hard.  Was it?
> >
> >There could be more to the answer like one might look at the UHF-follow 
> >ons to see how such a system might operate but then again the person might not
> >know what the UHF follow ons are.
> >
> >
> >Robert Oler WB5MZO
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