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Re: Another view

>My motivation to become active as a ham, was 50% of my reason
>for purchasing own property (all 521m square).

It's nice that you can still do that down in New Zealand.  Land in
most metropolitan areas here in California is a bit more expensive.
That's separate from the question of whether they'll let you erect
large antennas on it even after you buy it.

>I am well aware that amateur radio is a hobby, but my point is that
>some "values" must be invested even into a hobby, if it is to have
>any meaning at all.

Yet later on you say:

>I my way of thinking, satellites that would need the users to purchase
>'special' radios, would not do very much for the popularity of the
>hobby. For most new hams or people interested, the start up costs
>could just be too great, that way.

Requiring "special radios" is "bad" while having to buy acres of land
to erect antennas is "good". Or at least the special radios don't
count as "values" to be invested in the hobby. Did I get that right?

>For those, who are already established, at sizeable cost, any
>replacement for the sake of a new mode, could be a big turn-off.

Ah, now it becomes clear. The "values" you can reasonably expect
everyone else to invest in the hobby are the things you just happen to
already own.

>Third and last, LEO v Molnyia orbit, no contest, Molnyia wins.

On what basis does Molniya win? Some might say that, no contest, LEO
wins: substantially better link budgets, lower propagation delays,
lower launch costs and more launch opportunities.

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