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Re: New AO-27?

>Dear Laura Jolley's Fiancee,
>The reason why people ridicule this butt-head is that he has asked this
>question before.  EVERYONE explained why a Geo-synch bird over the US would
>not work.  EVERYONE who knows anything.  But he didn't listen.
>But then again, neither do you.

No one has told me yet why it can not be done. Several have said that it 
couldn't be done for what amounts to POLITICAL REASONS ... but not to 
physical & technical reasons why it can't be done.
Tell DirectTV that it can't be done.

If Amsat-NA wanted to build a bird [FM or SSB/CW or Digital] and put it 
into a geo-stationary orbit over the USA and had the money and expertise to 
do so, tell me why it can NOT be done.

I never said that such a bird should be the only project in the future. I 
also see the need for world-wide sats, especially if AO-40 is lost.


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