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Re: New AO-27?

> > How feasible would it be [for Amsat-NA] to build a multi-channel AO-27 
> type
> > sat and put it into geo-stationary orbit over NA?
> >
> > W4SCO
> >
>Dear OM,
>Bad, bad, bad idea is about all that can be said.  The subject of FM
>repeaters in the sky has been pretty well beaten to death on this
>reflector.  First off, AMSAT does not have the resources (we're
>talking millions here) to get a sat into a geo-stationary orbit.

I thought someone said here that a Pegasus launch was in the hundreds of 
thousands not millions [perhaps I misunderstood].

>The next problem is power.  FM requires far more power and
>bandwidth then SSB does.  The number of channels of communication
>you can have is going to be small.  Then there is the signal to
>noise ratio problem.  Again, SSB works far better then FM.

so how does AO-27 do the power then?

>Geo-stationary sats require station keeping.  They burn fuel
>to stay in their "slot" else they drift with time.  That limits their
>life span.

what lifespan could we get?  5 years? It took us over 10 yrs to get P3D up. 
I would rather have a sat that I could use for 5 years than wait 10 years 
for a "better" one [sat].

>TR-9400 70cm transciever ($200 at a hamfest)
>D1010 100 watt 70cm PA ($150 used at a hamfest)
>HR-2600 10M transceiver (also $150 used)
>Homebrew 2M to 10M converter ($50)
>Homebrew 10X10 2M beam and 15X15 70cm beam ($150)
>Drill press to build the beams with $180 at Walmart
>Tilt over antenna tower 20' high ($200 for steel and welding)
>Azmuth rotator ($120 used at hamfest)
>Elevation control (TVRO linear acutator $15)
>Gasfet pre-amps, homebrew ($50)

I have the space for an antenna array. BUT for the ham in an apartment, 
condo, or neighborhood with CCRs they CAN NOT.

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