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Further analysis of the last telemetry from AO-40

Hi all,

I was fortunate enough to get a copy of the IPS programming
manual.  With the aid of the manual I went back over the last
few minutes of AO-40 telemetry.  (The interpretation here is
very limited since I don't have access to the source code for
AO-40.  Nor am I any more than a novice with the IPS
language.)  Here is what I found:

All of this occurred Wed, Dec 13, 2000

11:16:51 UTC I received a telemetry 0 block containing
    MANY_ARMS is an IPS program (subroutine) that cycles power
for something.  UNZUL. NAME ! is an IPS error message meaning

11:17:18 UTC an A block of standard telemetry.
11:17:32 UTC an A block of standard telemetry

11:21:03 UTC a 0 block containing PP2 <DE><A2>p     ...  this
repeats many times.
11:21:15 UTC same as above
11:21:28 UTC same as above
11:21:40 UTC same as above
11:21:53 UTC same as above
11:22:06 UTC same as above
11:22:18 UTC same as above
11:22:31 UTC same as above   Note: this is the last block of
data from the satellite (that I received)

The numbers in < > brackets above are HEX numbers.  I have not
included all the contents of the telemetry blocks for
brevity.  You can get them from the AMSAT archives if you are

Did some bad code get uploaded?  As a programmer I have to
admit that I have seen some of my programs do similar things
when I goofed.  Especially on the old 8 bit machines with
primitive operating systems, I've seen the console start
scrolling more than once.  If that's what happened to AO-40
then I have great hope that a RESET will do the trick.

Good luck command team!  Thanks for all your hard work!

73's de Rich Burgan, WC8J

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