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Re: Another view

Hi Tony,
I have been observing some of the recent threads of "where to next".
First off, I have been licensed since 1984, but had a keen interest
in amateur radio for a much longer period than that.
My motivation to become active as a ham, was 50% of my reason
for purchasing own property (all 521m square).
That decision and the locality allows me to put up fair size antennas.
I am well aware that amateur radio is a hobby, but my point is that
some "values" must be invested even into a hobby, if it is to have
any meaning at all.
I am also aware, that this (property for antennas) is not a option
for all those who are keen, I can only commiserate for them.
Secondly, a lot of discussion about digital satellites, hmmm.
I my way of thinking, satellites that would need the users to purchase
'special' radios, would not do very much for the popularity of the
hobby. For most new hams or people interested, the start up costs
could just be too great, that way.
For those, who are already established, at sizeable cost, any
replacement for the sake of a new mode, could be a big turn-off.
I am not scoffing at digital modes as such, but saying, most hams
would have some form of computer available, let's use them.
As we have seen recently, with the telemetry from AO-40,
very clever software is coming out of the woodwork, timely too.
That would be the way to go, and it includes a relatively painless
path for upgrading and exploring new modes and technologies.
Also a thought towards creating software that is generic in terms
of platform, computers are advancing very fast, and MS may
not last as long as our radios.
The specific digital modes that have been talked about, are not
included in my experience, but to think about designing satellites
that would completely exclude conventional radio operation,
is to my way of thinking, not progress.
There should be some form of survey of past / existing usage, and
not just who 'talks' the loudest.
Third and last, LEO v Molnyia orbit, no contest, Molnyia wins.
Here is hoping for AO-40.
73 Jens    ZL2TJT

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