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Re: Another view

     Have you ever built a 70cm cross yagi for the high orbit birds? It's not that
as you might think. materials are very inexpensive. I can give you and others many
tips to ease the pain, actually make it fun when everyone else asks where you got
that killer yagi from.
     as far as the typical 2mtr downlink for the old mode J, All i've used for the
number of years is a 13-b2 from cushcraft , plenty of gain and it also gets double
     Rotators are not a problem, you do not need the expensive ones, very cheap and
easily found rotors can be used with a couple of homemade brackets.
     The AO-10 class stations need not be out of reach just because you lack the
information to reach that goal.. there are plenty of us out here .. fire away !!
pick our
brains.. lots of talent out here..
jim kd4hur

Tony Langdon wrote:

 >  RS> I think we should have a few of the RS-10/11 class satellites -
 >  RS> whether or not we cover AO-40.
 > Well, for me, AO-10 is in the same class as moonbounce for the forseeable
 > future.  Simply not feasible. :-(

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