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Re: AOAO-40 rem*lated -40

 >From: "Vince Fiscus, KB7ADL" <vlfiscus@mcn.net>
 >Jean, Amsat-bb is a discussion list. We might not like everything or every 
 >topic we see coming off of it, but thats how it works. It's an open forum. 
 >If you want the real scoop on things, without the discussion, subscribe 
 >ans@amsat.org and unsubscribe amsat-bb@amsat.org. You also might like 
 >kk5do's #amsat irc channel. I hate to see people using filters on a 
 >discussion list, unless it's to filter spam. Anyway, don't leave us. 73 de 

It might seem to you to be censoring, but in fact amsat-bb limits it
discussions to that dealing with satellites {primarly}.  I think you would
become upset if I started a thread on say the county-hunters, or nat'l
traffic nets, or chasing DX on 160, how to build DX antennas for 40m, etc.

I belong to two groups that have set up multiple special topic lists. This
was done so that one may better chose the subject they wish to partake.
MoonNet instituted separate topic lists for VHF-eme, UHF-eme, selling&
buying, plus a general topics list, and topic for distribution on ALL the
other lists {for announcements of interest to all}.  This way if your
interest is only in 2m eme, you don't get all the other mail not pertaining
to your interest.

The SETI-League has several closed lists and one open list.  The open list
is like this one {most anything dealing with SETI or a related topic}.  The
Argus list is for sharing of tech info/questions among operating radio
telescopes {you must be a member of SETI-League and register to belong},
VOLCOR is a list made up of the volunteer area coordinators {sort of like
the field-op list}, HITS is a signal reporting list {for us it would be a
who's-on what sat, who-worked exchange}.
Special topic lists: Not censoring, Specializing.

BTW because of the sheer volume of mail on amsat-bb, I may have to un-sub,
since there appears no good way to filter the content.  I just cannot spend
five hours/day going through all this mail!  If there was an AO-40 topic
list, maybe.  Also, it seem strange that I have been hit four times in the
last two weeks by the same virus!  Norton got them all!  Have had little
spam/virus problems from the other lists I belong to.

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