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Re: Suggestions (RG-62 availability replay)

At 07:03 PM 12/22/2000 -0600, Gerald Payton wrote:
>Right now, I'm searching for a good source for N-connectors.  Also, a
>source for RG-62 (now a 100 feet at a time!)....Is there a good URL site 
>with these items?

Funny you should ask.  There was quite a thread about finding RG62 on 
amsat-bb a few months ago.

I've bought a lot of coax from Cable Experts.
<http://www.cablexperts.com/>  They have all the various flavors of low 
loss cable that are useful for general ham & satellite work.  However, I 
don't see any RG62 there.

Here is the text of my answer to the RG62 question from a few months 
ago.  There were many other answers as well.  A couple of people replied 
that there were some big spools of RG62 being auctioned on Ebay at the time.

At 12:55 AM 7/9/2000 -0500, David M. Tipton, PhD wrote:
 >Anyone have a clue where I can find RG-62 Cable? ... I can't find anyone 
who >still carries it.

Well, I took the challenge. Found the following by searching the web:
This guy sells bulk RG-62, but it's hard to find on his web page. This URL 
takes you directly to his bulk coax page.
Here's a familiar source for ham radio stuff: Surplus Sales of Nebraska. 
They list bulk RG-62. It's down near the bottom of the coax page.
Here's a surplus guy who lists RG-62 on his web page, but says "call" for 
pricing and availability (?):
These guys have 500ft spools of RG-62 for sale:
Believe it or not, Radio Shack's web site lists RG-62!
Mouser Electronics (great electronics mail order place) lists RG-62 on 
their web page:
Folks who sell computer cables often stock RG-62. These guys sell RG-62 
cables with connectors on em already (ie computer cables):
Of course see the warnings at <http://www.basicomputer.com/hgcoax.htm> 
regarding the hazards of high gain coax.

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