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Re: TDMA - Reading the mail

>Stations would be logged at the time they first called and placed into a
>que.  There turn to "bag" the rare one would be controlled by the
>protocall.  In case of simultaneous calls, I guess some alphabetic call
>ranking or maybe just a pseudo-random que routine {role of the dice}.  Now
>of course we could just move all alaskan stations automatically to the
>front of the que :-)  Contest sponsors could even tailor the protocall as
>part of the contest design/challenge!
Why stop there? The DX fund builds a little transponder box which listens 
for QSO requests, and echos an ack. The DX operator need merely plug the 
box in, aim the antenna, and head for the beach.

Then we get Kenwood to build a transponder, rotor controller, and USB 
printer port into the next version of the TS-2000. The operator need 
merely turn the rig on and get on with their life. Every month the 
TS-2001 could print out a status report on how "you" are doing, maybe 
even print QSL cards if you want them, and when the counter gets to 100, 
you automatically get your DXCC-SAT printed out. Why waste those endless 
hours in the shack hunting the rare ones? Why develop operating skills to 
cut through pileups? Let technology do it for you!

Steve K4HG
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