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RE: TDMA - Reading the mail

On Fri, 22 Dec 2000, Tony Langdon wrote:

> > 3)  The MIM or Mic-E with internal 9v battery is about the size of a 
> >     pack of cigaretts.  It plugs into the Mic jack of your HT and you 
> OK, ... I tend to travel _very_ light.  Hmm,...

For a photo see http://toad.net/~wclement/mim2.htm 

> Might see if there's a local source for these devices.

They can be mailed international Priority Mail for about $5
[disclaimer...  I help distribute them for Clement ENgineering, so there]
[is an obvious conflict of interest here...]

> Oh, OK.  I could setup a set of "waypoints", but one question remains.  How
> do you encode these into a minimal portable station? ...

Yep, can't do that with the MIM, without a Keyboard via the serial port.
Manual entry of positions is easy on the Kenwood HT from the keyboard, but
again that is the expensive solution..  But then it is totally contained
within the radio.  No dangles.  WHenever I travel now by AIR, the HT in my
pocket lets me send a message (or posit) home from anywhere (not on the
plane after the doors are closed).  I can even estimate my posit by
averaging the posit of local  users and then enter it with say a 10 mile
ambiguity circle.  THus, wife can see that I landed in St.Louis for
> Well, my experience with APRS messaging has been mixed.  Locally, it works
> well, but working out the return paths when the other end is on the other
> way of an IGate is confusing.  I'm yet to succeed completing a long haul
> APRS contact. :-(

Yep, like anything with amateur radio it is more amazing when it does
work, don't be surprised when it doesn't.  But as more and more Igates
come on line, it can only improve.  FOr CERTAIN, it is not even 10% as
reliable as a pager or a CELL phone... but its more fun...  and when it
doesn't work, we  have the ability to try to fix it.

Sorry for the digression from an excellent topic on the future of
Satellites for amateur digital communications.

de WB4APR@amsat.org, Bob

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