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Re: AO40 Propellant Flow Asssembly Schematic?

>From: Franklin Antonio <antonio@qualcomm.com>
>I'd like to look at a schematic of the AO40 Propellant Flow Assembly 
>(PFA).  (In other words I want to see a plumbing diagram of the thing.)  I 
>found a photo of the PFA online at 
><http://www.amsat.org/amsat/sats/phase3d/pfa1.jpg> but have not been able 
>to locate a schematic.  I would like to understand how the plumbing works, 
>but it is very difficult to figure it out from the photo.
>I would like to see someone post a copy of the diagram to the AMSAT web 
>site.  Given recent events, this information is of interest to many members.

Remember my post:  "P3D Articles you can read"?  

On page 11 of  1996 Amsat Proceedings: "Phase 3D Update" edited by Dick
Daniels, is found Figure 8 "Propusion System Block Diagram" which shows
every pipe, valve and tank for both the 400N engine and the arc-jet!  Don't
you wish you had a copy?  Maybe someone with a scanner will make jpeg copy
to send you.  Maybe Amsat or ARRL still has the proceeding available.


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