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RE: TDMA - Reading the mail

> Conventional amateur radio operation suffers from having ill-defined
> congestion avoidance algorithms that are (poorly) implemented in
> wetware.

Hehe, the real problem here is the broad range of implementations.  Some
people seem to operate hald duplex perpetually (don't hear anything as soon
as they hit the Tx), others use wildly different timings, etc, etc.  One
thing is the digital system would have _much_ tighter channel control, and
if someone tries to "fiddle" the system, their out of whack signals should
be ignored as QRM.

Of course, this implies that a DOS attack is possible (jamming), buit thay's
also possible on every analog bird (possible exception is AO-40 with LEILA
running), by running a kiowatt into a long Yagi anywhere in the uplink
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