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RE: Digital Bird

> The point is that while we're entirely capable of emulating an
> existing mode of operation (e.g., SSB/FM voice), we have other
> possibilities.  Use your imagination!

I see a big future in multimodal communications, such as simultaneous
voice/data (e.g. voice with APRS beacons behind it), or voice/video.

Digital has a lot to offer, at the cost of some collective brainpower in
nutting the whole system out (and for the rest of us, building the gear),
and some financial outlay.  As for what can/can't the system do?  That's up
to the ham community.  We need to state our requirements, prioritise them,
then design a system (satellite and ground stations) that will best meet
those specs and other (e.g. cost, parts availability, etc) criteria.

The payoff?  New, interesting modes, and ham radio is back up there at the
leading edge! (hopefully :) ).

Imagination is the limit.

On a final note, if I can do 1.5W from a HT on board a train into an FM LEO,
what's possible with digital? :)
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