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Re: TDMA - Reading the mail

>  >>In APRS PTT mode, your LAT/LONG/CSE/SPD/ICON/COmment and STATUS are all
>>>encoded into a 0.3 sec burst when you release the PTT.  The D7(G) and D700
>>>can do it in under 0.1 sec at 9600 baud and hardly noticible at all.
>>Unless you're on a repeater, in which case other operators in a
>>roundtable QSO might object to the brrEEEP following every keyup ..
>>;-) .. we had a few operators beaconing on a local 2m machine from
>>time to time when they forgot to switch over to 144.39 ..
>1200 baud is the brrEEEP you picture, 9600 baud sounds like a static
>burst, it occurs at the end of a transmission, not the beginning, and it
>is not every transmission, but one every n minutes (the n being user

Sounds about like how often it happened, and the person responsible 
eventually figured it out ..

I may have heard some 9600 on 144.39 around here, but couldn't tell 
you -- most of our local APRS traffic is 1200.  The 2m repeater in 
question has some serious signal processing on the audio loop -- it 
might not even pass 9600.

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