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Re: TDMA - Reading the mail

At 14:24 -0500 12/21/00, Bob Bruninga wrote:
>On Thu, 21 Dec 2000, Greg Preston wrote:
>>  The way I see it, the ground station would press the key on the mic and
>>  their callsign would be digitally uplinked.  The satellite would then
>>  relay each call sign to ALL stations and those calls would appear on the
>>  rig's  display...
>Kinda like APRS...
>In APRS PTT mode, your LAT/LONG/CSE/SPD/ICON/COmment and STATUS are all
>encoded into a 0.3 sec burst when you release the PTT.  The D7(G) and D700
>can do it in under 0.1 sec at 9600 baud and hardly noticible at all.

Unless you're on a repeater, in which case other operators in a 
roundtable QSO might object to the brrEEEP following every keyup .. 
;-) .. we had a few operators beaconing on a local 2m machine from 
time to time when they forgot to switch over to 144.39 ..

>I know this is not related to the general topic of a new digital mode, but
>the fact that we have had this mode now for 6 years, and only a very small
>handful of folks have ever tried it shows you how hard it is to get people
>to try something new on the satellites...  And all they had to do was hook
>up their existing PACKET TNC to play..

I am planning to set up an APRS beacon on the vehicle as soon as I 
can get a data-only GPS, an APRS encoder, a cheap 2mFM transmitter, 
and a second 2m groundplane.  (Donations always welcome. ;-)  If I 
can set up a separate system from my 2m/440 HT which is my primary 
mobile radio right now, that will work for me .. and yes, I've heard 
people have had success beaconing through FM birds like AO-27 ..

>No real point here, other than some pessimism at trying to experiment
>with somthing new on Ham Radio... <grin>

73 de N5VB

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