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Re: TDMA - Reading the mail

On Thu, 21 Dec 2000, Greg Preston wrote:

> The way I see it, the ground station would press the key on the mic and
> their callsign would be digitally uplinked.  The satellite would then
> relay each call sign to ALL stations and those calls would appear on the
> rig's  display...

Kinda like APRS...
In APRS PTT mode, your LAT/LONG/CSE/SPD/ICON/COmment and STATUS are all
encoded into a 0.3 sec burst when you release the PTT.  The D7(G) and D700
can do it in under 0.1 sec at 9600 baud and hardly noticible at all.

I know this is not related to the general topic of a new digital mode, but
the fact that we have had this mode now for 6 years, and only a very small
handful of folks have ever tried it shows you how hard it is to get people
to try something new on the satellites...  And all they had to do was hook
up their existing PACKET TNC to play..

No real point here, other than some pessimism at trying to experiment
with somthing new on Ham Radio... <grin>


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