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Re: Digital Bird

>AO-Digital is at 15 degrees in my sky and rising, and an LED on my rig says 
>comm is now possible through the bird.  How does it know that? Do I now 
>pick a freq, or time slot, to call CQ on?  What interaction would there be 
>between AO-Digital and my rig, and how would someone looking for a CQ to 
>answer go about it, and what would happen between his rig and AO-Digital?

This is a good question that should trigger a discussion on user
interfaces.  With the digital modes I've been proposing, the user
terminals can send raw bit streams at each other at some bit rate. How
you *use* those raw bits is pretty much up to your imagination. You
could plug them into your computers and run TCP/IP, which would let
you do anything over the satellite that you now do over the Internet
(within the limitations of the data rate, of course.) Or you could
hook them up to digital voice codecs and emulate an existing voice
mode of operation.  You could define channels and groups, picking one
to join for either a point-to-point or a roundtable conversation.

The point is that while we're entirely capable of emulating an
existing mode of operation (e.g., SSB/FM voice), we have other
possibilities.  Use your imagination!


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